February 11, 2010 Columbia, Missouri SWAT Raid


On the night of February 11th, 2010, a grave injustice occurred. In Columbia, Missouri, at around 8:30 p.m., the Columbia Police Department’s SWAT team conducted a raid on the home of a man named Jonathan Whitworth. The raid resulted in the SWAT team finding a small amount of marijuana, a marijuana pipe, and a grinder used to break up marijuana. All of these offenses are as serious as a speeding ticket in the City of Columbia, as taxpaying citizens spoke up against the senseless drug war and voted to decriminalize marijuana. Therefore, to be able to take Mr. Whitworth to jail, they charged him with child endangerment, as well as the ticketable offenses of possession of the marijuana and the drug paraphernalia.

Not only did they charge this man with child endangerment, when he certainly was not endangering his child, but they also killed one of his dogs in cold blood, and injured his other dog in the foot. As a matter of fact, when the raid took place, Mr. Whitworth’s seven-year-old son was in the house. When the SWAT team shot one of the dogs in the foot, the police claimed that they were aiming at the other dog that they killed. If the SWAT teams aim is that terrible, who is to say that they could not have accidentally shot the child? (Just watch the video, you will be appalled!) You see, the police shot and killed the one dog because it was a pit bull, and the other which was shot in the foot was a corgi. The police claim that the dog whining in the video is the corgi; however we hear the whining cease in the video is when the police alleged to have shot the pit bull to death.

As for the 7 year-old boy who witnessed the police attack and brutalize his family, he will possibly never look at the police the same. This poor young man will not trust the police if, say, he is an actual victim of a crime in the future. Who will he turn to? Who will he have to “protect and serve” him? I’m sure he will have his loving family, however, when he goes off to college he may be in a situation where he needs the assistance of a police officer, and how is he ever going to trust any police officer to help him? This is a shame, because there are good police officers out there. It just makes one wonder if the good police officer is a rare commodity these days with all of the actions of police brutality and injustice that has recently taken place in and around our fair city of Columbia, MO.


Warning: Graphic